Casual Outfit Ideas: How to Style a Denim Jacket

Very few pieces in our wardrobe come close to the universal appeal that a denim jacket holds. There is at least one piece of denim in our wardrobe that we can't just give away. It fills us with sweet nostalgia. Trends may be in a state of continuous evolution, but trend charts always abound to a couple of silhouettes, colours, and fabrics that never go out of style. Denim jackets are one piece that brings manifolds of style miles into every wardrobe. Ushering the sartorial scene in 1880 through the cult Levi Strauss, the jean jacket has been popular through subsequent years and seasons ahead, seeing a peak during the 90s that is seen translated into its fanbase amongst the millennials.

Acing the fashion-meets-function dictum, the humble piece is anything but mundane. Globally, brands have reworked denim jacket for women season after season but despite the plethora of cutting-edge iterations like skirts, shoes and even an indo-western sari, the power of the good 'ol jean jacket in its original form is unmatchable. The tactile fabric also makes it a layering hero, especially to cope with transitional weather when the air keeps changing its course. From dawn to dusk, the humble jacket can be turned into a statement-maker in more ways than one. Street style aficionados make notes—here's a lowdown of failsafe and the most stylish ways to spin your nonchalant denim jacket for year-round wearability.

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Anchor your wardrobe essentials 

All you need to nail the perfect balance between chic and pared-back style is an anti-fit denim jacket. Easy and elevated both at once, a classic blue shaded piece teamed with a button-down white shirt, tailored trousers, and a leather belt can offer a look that Pinterest boards are made of.

Jump onto the 'shacket’ bandwagon

The trailblazer of the moment—the 'shacket' is one of the easiest pieces to incorporate in your rotational as well as vacation looks. Simply don it solo, tucked in full or half, and buttoned all the way for a look that packs a punch.

Top-to-toe denim

If you want to improve your street creds when it comes to style, a well-put-together denim-on-denim look will score you a fashionista title. Consider incorporating mini denim skirts in a light wash to start with, a dash of distressed texture, and at least one anti-fit silhouette suited with a structured fit to nail this double-take profile. Finish off the look with metallic chains for a party-ready appeal or black leather accessories for an al fresco time.

Bid on the prowess of neutrals

Keeping a throw-and-go piece on the front shelf will make you thankful on mornings when you have little to no time to dress up. The versatile blue shade can offer a foolproof look even when teamed together with a white tee to up the ante, western wear dresses for party, or even with matching denim skirts offering a normcore chic spirit, worn as subtly as one can.

For that effortless evening transition

Whether you want to dress down a satiny slip dress for a day event, western wear dresses for party or transition from a dinner date to a party night, the denim jacket will be your perfect plus-one. Besides, springtime also gives you an ideal chance to sweeten up a flowy floral printed piece with a light wash piece.

Try the cult combo of the season

Going the route unexplored promises a sure shot at sartorial success. The leather and denim combination is winning for its off-the-cuff charm, courtesy of the celebrities, a.k.a the risk-takers who like pairing the two for the unprecedented style quotient.

Take the gender-fluid route

For those with a sharp dressing approach, wearing it over your boyfriend's button-down shirt can be your chicest nod to tailoring. Raid the perfect silhouette and stick to it, swapping pants for a casual Friday.

Black and denim are inextricably linked

Denim jackets for woman are often easily stereotyped as blue. This season, however, the black shade is the perfect nudge into an offbeat and brave attitude. Also, an all-black look need not be broken only because you're choosing to add denim to it. Keep a sizeable collection of faded and classic shades in rotation with black denim skirts and western wear dresses for a party, for a style that goes the extra mile.

The sartorial world may be divided into the denim jacket averse and intrigued cliques, however, this guide will offer an ideal standard of balance to style the chunky piece of layering in every day of your diary. Reaching out to this seasonless styling savior is easier said than done. The umpteen ways may rather leave you spoilt for choice and overwhelmed. Little wonder, they often get stereotyped as casual wear basics. But with skillful styling, you can upgrade any demure look into a trend-led ensemble with the right denim jacket. Once your start building any look with this humble piece of layering, you'll find an antidote to your sartorial woes. From coffee dates to weekend brunches, and beach vacations to road getaways, the denim jacket can breathe life into the most mundane look. Playing with textures, ornamentation, silhouettes, and cuts, from bold to elegant and grungy the denim jacket for women are available in a slew of styles that every sartorially-enlightened woman can choose from. Incorporate your own new take every time you take this hero for a spin!

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By Monil Bhardwaj